Artful Loungers are part of Superior Saturday's elite forces. Known to be wild and vicious, they will assault any enemy in sight. They wear precisely the same thing: glossy patent leather shoes, checked trousers, pastel-blue peasant smocks, and berets. Their smocks are all unbuttoned slightly in a "careful, careless way". Their weapons are curved blue-steel swords and crystal stilettos infused with Nothing. These stilettos are only good for a few hours, before the Nothing eats away at them, but they are powerful enough to kill even a Denizen. In Superior Saturday, their offices are described, predictably, as lounges, each with a standing lamp. The fabric in the lounges range greatly, from "black leather to bright floral patterns", and the lampshades match.


The Artful Loungers are first seen in the book Lady Friday , during which Arthur, Suzy and Ugham is on board the ship of the Paper Pushers across the text-charged river in the Middle House . These certain Artful Lounger where then attacking the Midnight Servants of Lady Friday ( Though they are currently under the command of Friday's Dawn due to Friday's absence. ).

The next time they appeared were in the book Superior Saturday where they captured Suzy near the Rain Reservoir.
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