Bathroom Attendants job is to 'Wash Between The Ears' of the Pipers Children to prevent the finding of the Rightful Heir, although this proved pointless as the Rightful Heir was a mortal.

Appearence and Method and Authorization


The Bathroom Attendants are revealed to be Internal Auditors; Superior Saturday's troops, but not all Internal Auditors are Bathroom Attendants. The Bathroom Attendants wore long, daisy-yellow robes with bronze masks showing comedy faces.


To wash between the ears the Bathroom Attendants;

  • First, they use animated socerous ropes which then tie up the 'Washees'.
  • They then put a strange 'crown' on the Pipers Children heads, the crown looks as if it is made from sculpted ice.
  • They then write the Pipers Children names on a small tag and then leave to go back to the Upper House.


The Bathroom Attendants fall under the authorization of Superior Saturday's Dawn. As Saturday's Dawn is in charge of Internal Audiators, and Bathroom Attendants are Internal Audiators, but not all Internal Audiators are Bathroom Attendants.

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