Doctor Scamandros is a Denizen of The House and the new Wednesday's Dusk. A self-admitted failed House Sorcerer, he is the only sorcerer in the allegiance of Arthur. He has assisted Arthur on many occasions. He was killed when a wave of nothing destroyed the Incomparable Gardens and the Elysium. However, the New Architect plans to recreate him to help rebuild the house. It is unclear what position he will take, if any.


He has a collection of colorful, animated tattoos on his face which animate his feelings, a good way of finding out what he really feels. At the end of Lord Sunday, his tattoos disappear.


Before the events of Drowned Wednesday, Dr. Scamandros was a sorcerer trained in the Upper House but failed his final test when he lost his papers. He joined a band of corsairs on the Border Sea in order to find his papers, as almost anything lost will turn up there, whether lost in the Secondary Realms or The House.

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