A fellow Recruit in the Glorious Army of the Architect recruited the day before Arthur; the cheerful, talkative, happy-go-lucky Fred quickly befriends Arthur. He is unusually optimistic about the Army and is looking forward to the change from his nitpicking job of applying gold leaf to the numbers in important House documents. Fred is an asset to Arthur in that Fred knows much of the military procedure, as well as being washed between the ears. At the end of Sir Thursday, Arthur is forced to abandon Fred, along with Suzy Turquoise Blue and the other Pipers Children, when the Piper puts them under his control.

Fred and the other Piper's Children involved in the attack are all given tattoos around their necks that magically bind them to the Piper's will (though Arthur removes Fred and Suzy's ones later on). Fred and Arthur later meet up again when Arthur is accidentally transported to the Middle House by a Transfer Plate that Lady Friday had meant as a trap for the Piper. Arthur falls into the same trap, and the four join up in a gold leaf processing plant on the great canal where Arthur is found by Fred, Suzy, and a Newnith named Banneret Ugham (who dreams to be a turnip farmer). In Lady Friday, it is revealed that Fred can understand the hand signs used by the Winged Servants of the Night, which leads to him becoming an interpreter for Arthur. Also, in Lady Friday, Arthur promotes Fred to the rank of Lieutenant. He later becomes the Lieutenant-Keeper of the Front Door.

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