Appearance and Personality

Friday's Dawn is tall and handsome, with daisy-yellow wings that stretch from above his head to his ankles. He is the only mentioned male Dawn in the series. Friday's Dawn wears golden plate armor from his neck to his ankles, which includes a muscled cuirass. His helmet has a visor and a plume, and he has both a curved sword and a short bow. Unlike many of the other superior Denizens, his voice is rather gravelly instead of melodic. He is described as being a straight-talker, and he does not approve of Friday's "amusements" (her experiencing the lives of mortals through draining their memories).

Role in Storyline

Friday's Dawn first appears in Lady Friday. When Saturday attempts to assert her control over the Middle House, Friday's Dawn refuses to acknowledge it. He tells Arthur that his loyalty is to Lady Friday, but since she and her Noon and Dusk have abdicated and left him behind, his loyalty is to the Middle House and the citizens in it. Because of this, he swears his loyalty to Arthur, upon the Fourth Key.

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