Gilded Youths are Pipers children that Grim Tuesday for unknown reasons turned into a mixture of child and being akin to the Metal Commissionaires in the Lower house. They are employed by Friday's Dawn in the Middle House.

Gilded Youths appear as Pipers Children, however they wear golden masks and commonly red wings. When they speak, their voices seem to come a lot further way than simply the inside of their masks. It is unknown the ratio of original child and automaton. They seem to keep sentances as short as possible, as seen by Fifteens orders "Ten up, Ten right, ten left, ten with."

If Fifteen is anything to go by, the Gilded Youths have lost their original names and are now called by numbers. t is unlikely that these numbers represent rank as Friday's Dawn's most tusted Gilded Youth was called Fifteen. It is possible that they are called in their order of transformation into Gilded Youths.

These Youths wield crossbows and are assumed to inhabit the Top Shelf of the Middle House as Arthur designated Friday's Dawn in charge of that shelf, which was presumably formerly in the dominion of Friday's Noon as it is the highest.

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