The Glorious Army of The Architect is the main military power of The House. It is situated in the Great Maze and is ruled over by the wielder of the Fourth Key (currently Lord Arthur). It was the only defence against the Newnith Army when The Piper began his play for control over The House.

It is made up of 6 companies: The Horde, The Legion, The Borderers, The Regiment, The Moderately Honourable Artillery Company and, in the latter books of the series, Suzy's Raiders.

Occasionally some of the four gates of the Maze are opened to let in Nithlings as practice for the troops and are usually defeated by their tectonic warfare strategy, possible due to the nature of the Maze.

Denizens and Piper's Children are required to do a hundred years of service in the Army during their lifetimes. They are then employed as reservists if the Army is ever needed to repel a substantial threat.

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