Monday's Noon is the strongest and most trusted servant of the respective owner of the First Key. He can only visit the Secondary Realms from noon to 1:00 pm.

Under Mister Monday.

Noon was extremely loyal to Monday, attacking Arthur whenever he had the chance. He has a silver tongue like all Noons, but the 'silver tongue' also allows Noon to be very persuasive. He is said to appear around 30 years old, and wield a sword of Architectural Flame (one of the few things that can kill a Denizen). He has white, bloodstained wings. He is in command of the Commissionaires (Automatons from the Far Reaches, possibly made by Grim Tuesday himself) and Commissionaire Sergeants (Denizens of very low rank).

Under Lord Arthur

Under Lord Arthur, Monday's Noon was demoted to Monday's Dusk who was promoted to Monday's Noon after helping to free The First Part of the Will and helping Arthur overthrow Mister Monday

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