The First Part of the Will (paragraphs three to seven) was hidden by Mister Monday in a crystal, placed in an unbreakable glass box locked in a silver and malachite cage on the surface of a dead sun at the end of Time, guarded by twelve metal, sword-armed Sentinels. Monday's Dusk indirectly, but intentionally, freed the Will by providing one of the inspectors charged with checking on the status of the Will every century with a box of snuff. The Will was able to escape when the Inspector distracted the Sentinels by sneezing. It then hid until the Inspector primed a Transfer Plate to return him to the House and then before the Inspector could use it, used ti itself to return in order to fulfil the Architect's wishes.

The Will then took control of Mister Monday's butler, Sneezer, and persuaded the sloth-afflicted Monday to give up the Minute Hand half of his Key to Arthur Penhaligon, a mortal. Sneezer convinced him that the Will would leave him alone if he relinquished his Key to a Rightful Heir. However, their plan hinged on the fact that the Heir would soon die, as Arthur would indeed have done but for being in possession of the Key. The Will left Sneezer, and took the form of a jade-coloured frog and leapt inside the throat of Suzy , forcing her to help Arthur in the Lower House and defeat Monday. The Frog then took the name and form of "Dame Primus", a tall, attractive, and imposing figure who became Steward of the Lower House and the First Key when Arthur returned to Earth. She is often exclusively focused on fixing the much-decayed bureaucratic situations within the House, even when Arthur wishes to do otherwise. With the addition of other Parts of the Will, Dame Primus grows taller, stronger and more knowledgeable, and her severe beauty becomes more apparent. The Frog embodies either Fortitude or Diligence as one of the Seven Heavenly Virtues being the opposite of the Seven Deadly Sins that the Morrow Days are afflicted with.

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