The Piper's Children are mortal children brought from the Secondary Realms by The Piper. They have lived since the time of the Middle Ages when the Piper initially abducted them from Earth.They are friends with the Raised Rats. Some known Piper's Children include:

Washing Between the Ears

Long before the arrival of Arthur to the House, Superior Saturday ordered all Piper's Children to be washed between the ears every few years in order to clean their memory so as to prevent a revolt. In Sir Thursday, Arthur and Fred are washed between the ears by Superior Saturday's Bathroom Attendants. They oversee the process by putting an enchanted crown on the head of the Piper's Child.

Purposes and jobs in the House

Throughout the House the Piper's Children are employed in many diffrent tasks deemed too low for Denizens. These tasks include:

  • Moving and storing records in the Lower House
  • Working as messengers in the Far Reaches as payment to Grim Tuesday
  • Working as ship's boys on ships in the Border Sea
  • Working as enlisted soilders in the Army of the Architect
  • Working in the press and gilding warehouses in the Middle House
  • Working as grease monkeys, repairing Saturday's tower and moving Denizens up and down the tower
  • Working as lower level gardeners for Sunday in the Incomparable Gardens

Enslavement by the Piper

Because they were orginally brought to the house by the Piper, the Piper's children still answer to the Piper. When he returns to the house in Sir Thursday the Piper is able to bewitch any of the children who can hear his pipes. Later in Lady Friday, Suzy is restricted by a spell around her neck. Made by the Piper, the spell strangles her when she speaks against him or when she tries to remove it.