Mister Monday's butler and factotum, who was once possessed by the First Part of the Will in order to persuade Mister Monday to acknowledge Arthur Penhaligon as the Rightful Heir. Under Monday's rule, he is ill-looking and sickly. At the end of Mister Monday, he remains useful and loyal to Arthur, Suzy Turquoise Blue, and Dame Primus as a butler and assistant in Monday's Dayroom. After becoming loyal to Arthur, he is no longer sickly, but immaculate and healthy. He serves drinks, often orange juice. He is also the only one seen thus far in the series with the ability to operate the Seven Dials and has an unusual trait of seemingly appearing or reappearing out of nowhere("Orange juice sir?" said Sneezer who was now somehow behind him.) (this is similar to Ichabod, Captain Catapillow's valet in Drowned Wednesday).

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