Sorcerous Supernumeraries are sad-looking Denizen who failed their exams to become proper sorcerers and, under the rule of Superior Saturday, would never have had chance of getting a better post in the Upper House, during which time it was there duty to watch over the Grease Monkeys incase the Piper ever showed up.

Known Sorcerous Supernumeraries

  • Doctor Scamandros (However, he left the Upper House, but was still technically a Supernumerary. However, after his promotion to Wednesday's Dusk it was cancelled.)
  • Giac (He was persuaded by Suzy to release her from her bonds and join Arthur's company.)
  • Aranj (She was with Giac guarding Suzy, but she was just sitting in the corner 'gone into a slough of despond'.)
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