The Front Door of the house is the main entrance to the House from the secondary realms. It is guarded by the Captain Keeper of the front door and the Lieutenant Keper of the Front Door. The door is first seen in the Novel Mister Monday by Arthur when he first enters the house.

Appearence and Location

The Front Door has been known to manifest itself in many diffrent places within the secondary realms. However within the house its main entrance is on Doorstop hill in the Lower House. There the door mainfests itself as a large wraught iron door which is shaped in a very elaborate pattern. The pattern is known to change every time the viever looks or blinks . Denizens have been known to go crazy looking at the door for long periods of time. There are other exits throughout the house. However by the novel Lord Sunday many of these entreances and exits have been comprimised by Nothing. The door itself has space within in order to facilitate multiple exits througout the house and the Secondary realms. Inside there is no gravity or air movment. In Mister Monday Arthur enters through Mondays Postern which is used by Monday as a private entrance into the house. It is also demonstrated that the keys to the kingdom can guide you through the front door in order to reach your destination.

Captain and Lieutenant Keepers of the Font Door

The front door is meant to be kept by the The Captain keeper of the Front door along with the help of Lieutenant keepers of the front door. However by the time that Arthur arrived in the house the Captain Keeper had vanished and the current Lieutenant keeper had not been revlived of his shift in over ten thousand years. He wears a blue coat with a singe epaulet and a white shirt along with large boots. The main weapon of the Lieutenant keeper of the front door is a sword which attaches itself to keepers wrist. This sword gives the user the power of the lieutenant keeper which allows them to sense all doors coming in and out of the the front door. The sword has a life of its own which protects the keeper by moving their hand in . This sword is passed to leaf who becomes the next Lieutenant keeper after the death of the previous in Lord Sunday.

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