The dominion of Sir Thursday. Now in possesion of the New Architect, the Great Maze was the fourth demesne that Arthur gained control of as the Rightful Heir. The Great Maze is the base of the Glorious Army of the Architect.

It is a giant maze of 1000000 one mile squared tiles each with its own habitat. Once a day, at sundown, the tiles change position, making the Maze hard to navigate. However, there are several fixed locations including Fort Transformation, the Cannon Arsenal, Irontoe Hold, the Boundary Fort and the Citadel.

Fort Transformation is the destination of new recruits from the other parts of the House for training. They will spend a year here before being transferred to the different sections of the Army and as such to other locations within the maze.

The Cannon Arsenal is controlled by The Moderately Honourable Artillery Company. Little is known about it other than that it has elevator connections to other parts of the House.

The Boundary Fort is located on the edge of the mountain range that makes up one wall of the Great Maze. the Horde and the Moderately Honourable Artillery Company. The Fort houses the switches for the four gates of the tunnel through the mountains that leads into Nothing.The control of this Fort changes hands every century between a detachment from the Legion, the Regiment, 

The Citadel is the Great Maze's main base of operations and is the usual residence of Sir Thursday and his superior Denizens.

An interesting part of the Maze is the bathroom as well as the Mess Hall, which exist in the same place (accessible through Weirdways from other areas in the Maze) but at an offset in time, so Denizens that have entered through a different weirdway appear akin to ghosts.

One wall of the Great Maze is a vast mountain range that stretches from floor to ceiling with no way through to the other side except through the single tunnel, which is blocked by four gates. The other side of the tunnel leads into Nothing. The gates are frequently opened to allow a set number of Nithlings through to provide training and sport for the Army. It is a long standing rule that all four gates must never be open at the same time.

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