The dominion of Lord Sunday. Now in possesion of the New Architect. Contrary to what was originally thought, the Incomparable Gardens was in fact the epicentre of the universe, as opposed to the house itself. It was the first part of the House to be created by the Architect. The Incomparable Gardens was the seventh and final demense that Arthur gained control of as the Rightful Heir. The Incomparable Gardens are, like the name suggests, a garden. According to many Denizens the house it is the most beautiful place in The House. It holds many exhibits that Lord Sunday has chosen to house there, primarily taken from the Secondary Realms. It is also the HQ of the ruler of the house during the books. This is also the final demense to be destroyed. The Incomparable Gardens can be thought of as Eden, as it shares numerous similarities with it. Superior Saturday's defining Deadly Sin is Envy, particularly of Lord Sunday. She even attempted to take over his reign of the Incomparable Gardens as she considers it her right since she was the first Denizen to be created by the Architect.

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