The dominion of Superior Saturday. Now in possession of the New Architect. The Upper House was the sixth demense that Arthur gained control of as the Rightful Heir. The Upper House, alike its Lower and Middle counterparts manage the administration of the records. It is the demense of the House containing the most sorcerers, the only other ones being the Middle House, where Binding Junction is home to several limited sorcerors and the Border Sea where most ships have Sorceror-Navigators. It also deals with the training of sorcerers.

In recent times, the Upper House contains only one building, constructed of "Office Cubes"; open-sided cubes that can be rearranged to form the tower. It is mentioned by Doctor Scamandros that there were once other buildings as well, though does not elaborate their purpose.

Most of the inhabitants of the Upper House are Sorcerers, however, a contingent of Piper's Children are employed in the post of Grease Monkey. They are responsible for assisting with the maintenance of the tower and allowing the Office Cube to be moved as necessary. The Upper House also contains several types of Automaton, used to build the tower as well as catch and kill Raised Rats.

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