The Void of Nothing is the endless abyss of Nothing from which all things came. All things that are made are made from Nothing, and the Void serves as a source, as well as a deep threat, due to the destructive properties that Nothing has.

Immunity to Nothing

Few are immune to the destructive effects that nothing has. However, there are some that are immune:

  • The New & Old Architects were the first beings to appear from Nothing and shaped their surroundings to become the House. Other creatures, such as Nithlings also come from the Void, but they are mostly mindless and seek only to destroy.
  • The Old One is assumed to be immune to Nothing, due to the fact he is the second most powerful being in the House, and some below him are immune. It also also assumed because he walked through Nothing from the Lower House to in Incomparable Gardens.
  • The Piper (Partially Immune - All that remains is a mere Spirit) was ordered to be thrown into the Void after his attempt the free the Old One from his clock. As he was the son of the Architect, he could shape the Nothing into a worldlet that he could live on, and plan his revenge on the House. Most of his physical being was devoured by Nothing, so he was almost only intent.
  • Lord Arthur (With the power of all seven Keys) when Nothing destroyed the Universe, Arthur stayed alive, however, he wasn't the New Architect at that point - Therefore, with all seven Keys, Arthur was immune to nothing.
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