The Trustees are the seven Denizens that were charged with carrying out The Will after the disappearance of The Architect. Instead of following out with the will which would lead to their own demise, they broke it up into seven pieces and hid them, each taking control of one part of The House until Lord Arthur took control of all seven keys. The Trustees are all exceptionally powerful Denizens in there own right as well as wielding one of the seven keys. Each Trustee has dominion over a single day in every week in the Secondary Realms corresponding to their names. All of the Trustees are afflicted with one of the Seven deadly sins, Monday with sloth, Tuesday with greed, Wednesday with gluttony, Thursday with wroth, Friday with lust, Saturday with envy and Sunday with pride. This is a side effect of them imprisoning The Will as they were unable to fully resist it.

Known Trustees;

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