Weirdways are an uncommonly used method of transport within the House.


Weirdways exploit veins of Nothing within the House. A user is able to go through Nothing via a dark corridor, with soft jellylike walls, floor and ceilings. Weirdways are often disguised as innocous objects within a room, Like a painting, coin on the floor or a clock. Weirdways cannot be moved. Weirdways have to be created by a Key, and can only be closed by the Key that made them (Although, it is asumed that the Seventh Key being paramount could probably close most).

Weirdways Seen Within Series

Weirdways used or seen within the series;

  • Weirdway that leads from Mondays Dayroom to Monday's Villa Style Headquaters.
  • Weirdway in Tuesday's Pyramid that leads from within The Mariner's rooms to the outside enterance. This Weirdway is closed by Arthur.
  • During Sir Thursday there are a multitude of Weirdways leading to the Wash Rooms.
  • Weirdways spread across the Great Maze as a means for tactical combat.
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