Winged Servants Of The Night are the troops under the control of Friday's Dusk and guard the Middle House after Dark. As with the Midnight Visitors, Commissionaire Sergeants and Inspectors in the Lower House, the Winged Servants Of The Night are denizens as opposed to creatures or beings constructed in the Far Reaches by Grim Tuesday.

The Servants wear black with snouted helmets. They, as the name suggests, wear wings to allow them to quickly traverse the Middle House. Their gloves have claws made of an undisclosed black metal, with the exception of the leader of the Servants, currently One Who Survived The Darkness, who has moonstone claws.

The Servants are mute, communicating using sign language. However, they can hear and understand House dilect.

The Servants live in a crevace in the cliffs on the Top Shelf of the Middle House which incorporated a network of caves and tunnels. They had the duty of guarding Part 5 Of The Will, which was housed within their halls in the area known as "The Inner Darkness".

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